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New Training Company Using Tech To Honor, Support & Empower The Heroes That Keep Our Society Running! 

Courageous Is bringing Awareness & Aid to those that keep our society running 

Discover how this revolutionary technology membership card is helping those who sacrifice for our comfort and how we can finally give back...  

Jacksonville, Florida – September 11th 2022 – Our world is full of unsung heroes that give of their lives for our comforts and convenience but are seldom appreciated or acknowledged or have the resources to get ahead in life so Advancing The Kingdom’s Vision is launching Courageous Heroes on September 11th 2022 to Help Give Back to the heroes that lost their lives on this fateful day, but also to recognize all the unsung heroes that pass by us unnoticed every day and also equip them with the resources they need to finally get ahead.

Our societies are built on those who help keep it running from the truckers who ship our goods and services, our grocers who stock the shelves with food, our retailers who display our clothes, the sanitation teams that remove our garbage, the nurses that care for the sick, the flight attendants that ensure our comfort, and the package delivery teams that bring our purchases directly to our homes. 

And of course, it’s the military, police and firemen who literally sacrifice their lives to keep us safe. These unsung heroes are seldom recognized for the sacrifice they have to make for our comfort and we are not aware of what they have to endure for us. is going to use a new technology that will give a pass to freedom for those that want out of system that keeps people in debt and stuck in life while also providing an opportunity for these Courageous heroes to have a place that will help them in difficult times by giving more than 20% of all sales of this unique membership to those Courageous Heroes who have fallen in life. 


By creating an NFT that is both Unique and Beautiful for the collector, but also has a utility attached to it that gives owners of these NFT’s access to some of the best training in the world that will enable them to learn the skills to produce wealth in every area of their lives and surround them with a community of likeminded warriors that are dedicated to empowering one another to realize their true purpose. These two resources will enable all to rise out of the system that keeps them stuck.

Every Courageous Hero deserves to be recognized for their sacrifice and also be given back abundantly for all they have given in time, energy and life to make our lives better and this new and unique NFT will do just that. 

In honor of the Courageous Heroes that gave their lives on September 11th 2001 and all the unsung heroes that give their lives every day for our comfort and convenience we are going to begin minting 911 of these rare and unique NFT’s and make them available for a September 11th Launch for $911 dollars a piece. 

If you want to learn more and get on the waiting list to get your hands on one of these unique pieces go to

Tri-Vision Global, SSM, now Advancing the Kingdom’s Vision, located in Jacksonville, FL is a ministry dedicated to empowering individuals and faith based organizations to realize their true destiny. 

Our movie, partnerships and programs have empowered more than 400,000 people in more than 80 countries with the encouragement, hope, faith and skills people need to live happy, prosperous and proactive lives. 

We believe every person is a unique expression of God and has the answer in their hearts to help make our world a better place. They just need help to recognize it and be empowered to bring to the world. 

To learn more you can go to


Roger Gauthier 

Executive Director

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