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Discover The Men and Women Who Keep Our Society Running!

We live our lives every day and enjoy the wonderful services that make our life easy often blind to those that ensure we stay healthy, allow us to travel to our favorite places, get everything we need delivered to our homes, and keep our societies running. This is a way to say Thank-you.

September 11th 2022

In honor of those Courageous Heroes who gave their lives on September 11th 2001, and all the unsung heroes who make our lives better and keep our society running we  launched a New NFT designed to help them have better lives and be a resource for when they fall and need someone to be there for them.

Today we can use technologies to train, provide and give access to a world of knowledge that can mean the difference between struggling and abounding. 

courageous heroes

Secure Your Founders Position Now

When we release our first 911 NFT's these rare and unique NFT's are going to be your membership pass to a utility of Extraordinary Freedom and will empower those courageous heroes that have made your life comfortable, to get out of their rate race and equip them with the tools and resources to enjoy their lives. However this first lot is limited to only 911 with special and rare membership utility that will not be made available in our next round of NFT's. 

So sign up quickly because when we release them it's 1st come 1st serve.

Unleashing Prosperity for Our Courageous Heroes: Honoring Unsung Champions with Exclusive NFTs!

Have you ever stopped to think about all the small details that goes into having a meal sit on your table, or the groceries in your store, the clothes in your closets, and the packages that come to your door step. And how about all the un-named people and the numerous hands that have to bring it to you?

And what about the police officers who are there when your daughter is in her first motor vehicle motor incident, or the flight attendant who ensures your safety when there is turbulence in the air, or the nurse who bring you water when you are not feeling well to take your medicine and help you to the bathroom.

And let's not forget the millions of men and women over the years who have given their lives abroad, in the air, sea and on the ground that have ensures our domestic peace, tranquility and freedom.

There are numerous people who make our lives comfortable, enjoyable, safe and secure but so many of them are never acknowledge, recognized, or treated with the respect, honor, and gratitude they are due.

Well is our way acknowledge and supporting and 'Seeing you." We appreciate you. We recognize the sacrifices you make day in and day out to keep our lives comfortable and easy. Yet, often, your efforts go unnoticed, and your dedication remains un-thanked. It's time to change that narrative and give back to the real-life superheroes – you!

Discover the Power of Courageous Heroes NFTs

Courageous Heroes is a platform dedicated to recognizing and supporting the unsung champions of society – delivery people, grocery store personnel, packers, postal workers, firemen, nurses, flight attendants, restaurant workers, and more. Your contributions matter, and we want to honor you in a unique and meaningful way.

NFTs with a Purpose

Our one-of-a-kind Courageous Heroes NFTs not only immortalize your dedication but also serve a greater purpose. When someone invests in these exclusive digital collectibles, a portion of the proceeds goes into a special fund aimed at helping struggling workers facing challenges on the job or in life.

And to fund the utility designed in the NFT that we are making available every courageous hero at a steep steep discount.

Unlock a Vault of Utility Benefits

When someone invests in an NFT it is just the beginning of a transformative journey. By owning a Courageous Heroes NFT, you help not only yourself but another courageous hero gain access to an exclusive vault of utility benefits designed to empower you and them in every aspect of life.

A Movement of Love & Support to Honor & Empower Our Heroes

Join the Movement of
Appreciation & Empowerment

As a courageous Heroes Member you unlock a world of benefits for you and other heroes that have been usually reserved for those with the means and the time. Now It's in our capability using technology to give this wisdom and knowledge to everyone. It's a digital revolution greater than that of the Gutenberg press where we  can properly rewarded these heroes for their hard earned, unnoticed work to make our lives better. 

Some of the treasure you are going to have include:

Financial Prosperity Training: Learn the secrets to financial success and how to make your hard-earned money work for you. Let us help you plan for a brighter future. 
Growth: Warriors Wealth Network Discount: As a Courageous Hero, you deserve the best. Enjoy a 50% discount to join the Warriors Wealth Network and access a community of like-minded individuals striving for success. 
Health and Wellness GuidanceYour well-being matters. Gain access to resources and training that will empower you to prioritize your health and happiness
Thriving in Every Area of Life: Our platform is dedicated to helping you excel, not just in your current job but in every facet of life. Empower yourself with personal development resources and guidance.

Partner With Us To Empower Courageous Heroes

At Courageous Heroes, we believe in recognizing the unsung heroes who make our lives better and in providing the tools and support necessary for their prosperity. Together, we can create a community that celebrates their contributions and gives back to those in need.

Invest in a Better Future Today

Owning a Courageous Heroes NFT is not just an investment in yourself; it's a symbol of appreciation for the work our heroes do. Join our mission to honor the unsung heroes and unlock a world of opportunities for EVERYONE to thrive.

Make a Difference, One NFT at a Time

Be a part of a movement that impacts lives positively. Your NFT purchase contributes to a fund that directly aids struggling workers facing hardships as well as enable these heroes . With every NFT sold, we strengthen the support network for courageous heroes like yourself.

Claim Your Courageous Heroes NFT Now

Limited quantities available! Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a community that values and supports your efforts. Invest in a Courageous Heroes NFT and unlock the door to a brighter future for everyone.

Remember, You Are Appreciated stands for appreciation, empowerment, and recognition. They need to know they are not alone and we want to partner with them.

If you are a courageous hero or know one, let them know, You are not alone. Join us, and together, we will create a brighter tomorrow for all the brave men and women who tirelessly serve our communities, our skies, shores, hospitals, grocery stores, restaurants, and streets.

Take the first step toward prosperity and appreciation. Invest in your Courageous Heroes NFT today.

Sebastian Harris

About the team

Sebastian Harris

Partner - Courageous Heroes

Sebastian Harris is a highly motivated values-based entrepreneur located in Carlsbad, CA. that has served organizations, leaders, pastors, and business owners to fully embrace their strategic mission & vision in order to take their organization to the next level. He is extremely skilled in strategic cross-functional team leadership and strategic thought with specific focus in Strategy, Organizational Development, Personnel Development, Digital Marketing/Communications Creating winning organizational cultures. Presently he serves as COO and Co-Founder at PublicSq.and is a Senior Leader in the Raising Royalty Movement


Roger Gauthier

Partner - Courageous Heroes

Roger Gauthier, branded as The Entrepreneurial Composerwith more than 20+ start-ups under his belt, and has learned what it takes to develop build and launch a dream. He is especially skilled in executive coaching, and organizational growth with an emphasis in strategy, marketing, business development, networking, community building, personal growth and 21 century leadership. He currently serves as the Executive Director of Tri-Vision Global, SSM, and is the host of  the Walking Out Your Destiny, and Atomic Minute podcast where he helps weary warriors and eager entrepreneurs walk out their destiny—as well as creator of the Warriors Wealth Network, an online training and resource center to help individuals develop their mindsets, heartsets, soulsets and skillsets to accomplish the vision they are tasked with.

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